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> Folomie closet boxes with lids - Multi-Purpose Storage, Folomie Bedroom Storage Boxes - Bersatile for any Room
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Folomie Bedroom Storage Boxes with Lids is good for folding and soft, big space to collect lots clothes. Keep in the kid’s room, family room, or any room in the house. Clear window and label slot make you easy to find things.

Features of Folomie closet boxes with lids

Folomie Closet boxes with lids with space-saving design when not in use, easy to assemble or fold up, and lids keep stuff away from dust.


Great for keepsakes, photos, magazines, books, office supplies, toys, crafts, baby products, holiday ornaments, DVDs, cosmetics, toiletries, kitchen supplies — Also ideal for travel sized items, Q-tips, cotton balls, mail, accessories, socks, ties, and much more


Family room, kid's room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, bedroom, and more in the home or office — Tucks away in closet, bookcase, desk, dresser, pantry, shelving area, counter, table, cubbies — Basket container bins beautifully accent cube storage organizer shelves


Easily transports to any location — Side carry handles for easy lifting and carrying — Smaller baskets fit inside larger baskets, stack on top, or can be used individually — Lid closure secures and hides your possessions — Lid top is removable by simply untying knot

These Storage Boxes might just be the perfect fit for your lifestyle!

Ideal for organizing your home! Store your items like:

Shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, belts, caps, underwear, and other apparel in your closet.

Bedsheets, blankets, pillowcases, towels, towelettes and other home goods in cabinets.

Children's toys and storybooks in the playroom.

Electronic gadgets and office and school supplies in your work space.

Books, arts and crafts, and other home goods in your store room.

If you have more oversized shoes and boots, click closet boxes with lids with Lids online sotre: Folomie closet boxes with lids with the option of choosing larger-than-average compartments that accommodate larger shoe sizes and styles of footwear such as boots with ease. The design also features extra-strong zippers and reinforced handles to ensure your organizer can withstand long-term use.
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